Friday, November 30, 2007

Huddling around the piano

I miss huddling around a piano with a bunch of people, grabbing a guitar and singing our hearts out... in adoration to God, in admiration, in passion, in joy... I miss the youth retreats in Germany and Switzerland where we've done that. Full of energy and passion. Right now I am listening to Matt Redman leading worship on a single piano and have this desire in me to do that... huddle around a piano (be close and not all distant on chairs in a big room) and sing... out of songbooks... or out of a song-collection, spirit-lead, people suggesting songs as we go, nothing planned, just a piano, and voices (and possibly other instruments, but not necessarily).

It's been soooo long ago... Won't you give me a grand, a room and a bunch of voices?

Why is singing and worship often so passionless, sterile, distant, unemotional?

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