Monday, December 10, 2007

lessons from this weekend (can't say lessons learned, since it's so hard to internalize them sometimes):
- something so amazing and good can turn out so bad and ugly. really gotta put God first here. it's so hard. this is probably the area where it's the hardest. God help.
- consistency. i'm so utterly inconsistent. things get better sometimes just to be crashing down the next moment. i tend to give up so easily.
- righteousness. my righteousness comes from God. often i try to fix things myself after doing something bad but end up making things only worse. it's not my righteousness i should trust but God's righteousness. in Him i am righteous. if i trust that instead of working my righteousness and instead of feeling bad for everything i'll recover much more quickly and usually find there's change in my life.
- like that other thing i mentioned... i don't need to feel bad. simply trust His righteousness. then i would want to be different since what happened hurts (badly).
- my hun loves me.
- i love my hun.
- she's really wonderful and sweet.

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