Friday, January 4, 2008

Things to do (possible dates but not necessarily)

Just wanna keep down a few things for possible dates here. Please comment for any suggestions. :)

  • Toronto Architecture: (it'd be cool to be touristy and explore Toronto)
  • Snowmobilling ( or
  • Skiing/Snowboarding (maybe with small group ppl)
  • Hiking (Bruce Trail around Webster's Falls, etc.,{459E67E1-7954-433E-B457-71C6BBDD2A5D})
  • Visit Carsten and Denise Link in Hamilton
  • Mini Golf
  • Visiting Galleries
  • Toronto Symphony
  • Musical
  • Opera ( or
  • Play
  • AGO (when it's done?)
  • Toronto Film Board (John & Richmond) to watch some random movie/stuff/loiter
  • Spa (I'd have no clue about that, we'd have to do/research that together)
  • ...
  • Run around screaming (I don't know what this means... not my idea :P)
  • Skating at Mel Lastman, Nathan Phillips or Harbourfront and hot chocolate afterwards
  • Go to an Indie Concert (at El Mocambo, Silver Dollar, etc)
  • Take street people out for Dinner
  • Help at some street mission
  • Shopping in Buffalo
  • Fancy Dress/Suit shopping
  • Study a book of the Bible (would have to be something more regular)
  • Take time for friends who feel lonely and/or just need someone and hang out, do something fun, listen
  • Take ballroom dance classes
  • Take contemporary dance classes
  • Watch the moonrise/set over a lake (
  • Watch the sunrise/set over a lake (or a beautiful landscape)
  • Bruce Trail hiking
  • Hiking through Toronto (Don River Valley)
  • ...

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