Friday, February 15, 2008

a personal scrum

i'm a very disorganized person who is hopeless when it comes to planning or keeping track of things. nevertheless, over the last year and more i've learned a process that is helpful and works for people as disorganized as me. it's the scrum process.

often enough i've come to the realization that my personal life needs better planning but i never managed to do anything about it. i want to try to use the scrum process for that. i want to create "stories" (projects to do), divide them into tasks and give good estimates to the whole thing. the idea is to use sticky notes on a wall in my apartment to do this. then i commit to a few "stories" over the next two weeks and knock them down task by task, a bit every day. over time this will give me a good idea of how much i'm capable of doing and it will give me bite-sized tasks that can be done without getting overly side-tracked. in addition i can measure progress which is gonna be a confidence booster.

i'll keep you posted on how this works.

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