Thursday, November 13, 2008

ASBO Jesus

I stumbled on this website two (or three?) days back and have since then read all of the comics and even been skimming the comments. Check it out. Very (thought-)provoking.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'll keep making music even if sometimes I feel like giving up.

Carol and I had our second gig this past weekend and it all felt rushed and unprepared. In fact it was. I did some pre-recording of the songs. We jammed to them a bit but we never practiced the whole set solidly together. I think we were both a little nervous and it showed. I felt inadequate when playing and felt like I didn't perform to my ability.

Still, I love music and to express myself in this way. If I can make the world only a little more colorful; If I can make someone smile with my music; If I can make someone think with my music; If I can grow through this process; If this makes any difference I won't give up (and I know it makes a difference in me at least).

So now on to more productions. And maybe we'll manage to get a record eventually. I'll try to post some songs on our myspace soon and will let you guys know (if anyone is reading this).

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My engagement with Carol

Many of my have been asking and waiting to hear how I got engaged so I'm finally putting it down on paper (err... bits and bytes).

Carol and I have been going out for a while. It was more than three years this last summer and I've been thinking of getting engaged. I think we both have been thinking of that and everyone once in a we'd say "Man, I wish we were married." So at the end of July I started to think that it's about time and started my search for The Ring.

I'll cut the ring story short as to not bore you to death. I basically decided early on against a diamond center stone for various reasons and then found out that Carol's birthstone is a ruby. Now, despite all that jewellers will tell you rubies are much rarer and costlier than diamonds, at least perfect rubies. After long research I finally had one type of design in my head and got a jeweller to make that ring for me. A ruby in the center, two diamonds on the sides.

I initally thought of proposing at the beginning of September but since Carol went to work in Edmonton that plan had to be abandoned. I then planned to take a trip out west (we were talking about that already) and propose somewhere on the trip. While I was planning the trip Lake Louise started to stick out, being the "Jewel of the Rockies" and just being beautiful and special in general.

I got the ring about a week before flying out and still had to talk to her parents. Since I still had to pick up stuff for Carol for our trip I combined the two. So I called, her dad picked up, and I asked him when I could come by to pick up the things and to talk to him and his wife about something. He already guessed what it was and asked whether it was serious. I said "yes, sort of" or something like that and, of course, was pretty nervous on the phone. He then invited me to come and have dinner with them. After dinner we went to the living room and they asked me what I wanted to talk about. Despite trying to formulate beforehand of what to say I went totally blank and then basically just said what it was about. I got the green light. :)

So, I flew to Edmonton, spent a day at home (where Carol was staying as well) and the next day, Sunday, October 11, we left early in the morning and drove to the mountains. Carol was tired and slept most of the way. This was good cause it allowed me to hide my nervousness more easily but also bad cause I was afraid my plan would get spoiled. It was also cloudy and I think a little rainy which added to that. My plan was to hike up the Big Beehive at Lake Louise and propose on top with the lake as backdrop. This would have been quite the hike.

Well, when we got to Lake Louise it was still mostly cloudy but otherwise pretty nice. Carol went up for a "short hike" and so we started going up. I already guessed that we wouldn't make it all the way up the mountain but I still wanted to get away from people. After a long, tough and fun hike, during which the sun started coming out we arrived at Mirror Lake. It was all frozen but it was beautiful and really warm with the sun out. We still wanted to try to go to a teahouse a little further up and started on our way but soon got tired since the path was terribly icy and steep.

We ended up stopping at this place where there were tons of big and small rocks. It was nice and sunny and hardly anybody walked by there. We sat down and ate a bit and then Carol went to look at rocks, trying to find ones that look pretty (one of her favorite things to do). When she did that I thought "That's your opportunity. You have to strike now." So I took the ring and took a note that I prepared, when a few steps out of direct sight from her and dropped the ring and the note there, placing them so she would see them when she came. Then I pretended to look at rocks too.

After a minute or so Carol asked me if there were any nice rocks where I was. I hesitated at first since at that exact moment people were walking by but then said slowly that "Yeah, there are some here that look sort of interesting." So she walks over, sees the ring and her first though is "Somebody must've dropped it and be really sad right now." She then picks up the note and starts reading (or rather skimming it) and recognizes that it was my handwriting. When she got the part where I wrote "Will you marry me?" I got on my knees, held the ring and asked her. She couldn't wait to say yes. :)

After that we took a few pictures and went down the hill, smiling til our face-muscles were tired, and then enjoyed a nice dinner at Banff and some soaking in the Hot Springs. A wonderful day.

P.S: This isn't proofread yet. I'll do it some other time...