Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'll keep making music even if sometimes I feel like giving up.

Carol and I had our second gig this past weekend and it all felt rushed and unprepared. In fact it was. I did some pre-recording of the songs. We jammed to them a bit but we never practiced the whole set solidly together. I think we were both a little nervous and it showed. I felt inadequate when playing and felt like I didn't perform to my ability.

Still, I love music and to express myself in this way. If I can make the world only a little more colorful; If I can make someone smile with my music; If I can make someone think with my music; If I can grow through this process; If this makes any difference I won't give up (and I know it makes a difference in me at least).

So now on to more productions. And maybe we'll manage to get a record eventually. I'll try to post some songs on our myspace soon and will let you guys know (if anyone is reading this).

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