Friday, May 29, 2009

random thoughts on may the 29th

random thoughts/happenings of the day:
- i'm getting oversensitive to incorrect pitch. you know it's bad when it's bugging me while listening to toto cutugno, a professional italian music artist.
- i should've brought the camera and tried to get a shot of bush and/or clinton today who are speaking at this moment at the metro toronto convention centre, a mere kilometer (or less) away from where i'm sitting at the moment
- i discovered a reference to a hut in the alps inside the junit source code (TestSuite's constructor) today, twittered it and subsequently got a reply from Kent Beck (, the father of extreme programming and creator of JUnit. could it be he actually did the hike up the Huefihuette with his laptop while writing that code? either way, i was startstruck.
- i shall learn to value sleep more