Friday, December 3, 2010

Gabriel's 4th month

Gabriel is now 4 1/2 months old already. It's crazy. When I look at old pictures and videos of him its apparent how much he's changed.

Some areas are getting better. He sleeps through the night now most of the time. He can entertain himself for a few minutes now and when you sit beside him sometimes even longer. He's also good with only four feedings in a day. All those things are pretty great.

Some areas are getting worth, though. His cradle cap (and maybe psoriasis?) and his eczema are pretty bad. Last night he scratched himself so much that half his scalp was covered in blood and the skin was pretty much raw. He sleeps with socks now. We're also not looking forward to the teething stage which could start anytime now.

Overall he's good though despite the worries and the tiredness. Below you'll find some more pictures of him. Enjoy.

The album:

2010 Gabriel 4th Month

A selection of the images:

A sleeping baby makes his parents happy.

A proud mommy.

A happy baby makes his parents happy, too.

Enjoying life to the fullest. In fact he does everything to the fullest. There is no subtlety with this child.

Looking all tough.

Wearing a turban which is really a hat and gauze so his scalp heals again after the major scratches.

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