Saturday, March 5, 2011

2010 San Francisco Day 5

It's been 10 months now since Carol and I did our California trip and life's much different now but I realize that I've only posted one half of our pictures and only wrote about the first half of our trip so I'd like to remedy that.

On day 5 of our trip we left Monterey in the morning. We started with the 17 mile drive. The most memorable things from that drive are the dunes and wildflowers by the beach, rock stacks and the big rock of bird-poop a few meters out in the ocean where all the seals would congregate. The last thing and the most touristy of the things on this drive was the lone cypress. I'm sure you've seen it in pictures or movies before.

After that we left the Monterey area and drove north, through San Francisco again and stopped by the Golden Gate bridge. The best views of the bridge are from the two lookouts to the north of the bridge. Out of these two I enjoyed the abandoned military base on a hill to the north-west of the bridge the best. Awesome views of the city behind the bridge.

We then left the bridge and on recommendations of friends drove down into Sausolito. Our GPS sent us down the steepest, most winding narrow road I've ever driven on. It was something you don't see in Ontario. When we arrived in Sausolito, though, both of us felt too tired to explore so we continued up north, got stuck in rush hour traffic but eventually made it to Santa Rosa. We ended the day at Thai Taste with coconut juice, beer and some decent thai food.

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